Why Business Should Accept Bitcoins

Why Business Should Accept Bitcoins

10 Reasons Why Business Should Accept Bitcoins

From being a mere peer-to-peer electronic currency that revolutionized the idea of a decentralized market to establishing a market cap of over 7 billion dollars, Bitcoin has come a long way. Still, many companies fail to realize its importance in their business. If you are one of them, then read along, as we share some of the key reasons for accepting this wonder coin and the difference that it can create to your business.

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Why Should My Business Consider Accepting Bitcoins?

1. Expand Your Business with Support from Bitcoin Community

Look around, and you’ll find over 90,000+ companies accepting bitcoins for their product and services, the number only keeps on increasing with time. This is because it acts as a strong tool for development and growth. People who structure the community move to great lengths to support bitcoin-friendly businesses.

2. Acquire a Competitive Edge

Most of the time companies are taken aback by the idea of accepting bitcoins due to one fine question: “what does it really have in store for us?” Well, when you rethink the same question from the perspective of a customer then you apparently come up with a whole new payment option, where they are able to maximize their benefits from the coins. This only enhances the overall customer experience and allows you to establish a competitive edge from the rest.

3. Lower the Transaction Fees

The transaction fees of bitcoin are significantly lower than any of the traditional mode of purchases. This it makes it an obvious reason to adopt the idea. Any small company that has just made its way can easily save about 2-3% from the fees that are typically charged for credit/debit card payments and 6% for PayPal. Moreover, established companies can pass on this savings by rewarding their customers with rebates and discounts.

4. Raise Brand Awareness

As stated, bitcoin enthusiasts are often on the lookout for businesses accepting bitcoins. As a result of which, directories have been formed to help them find the potential match in no time. When you begin to accept the coins, then your company grabs an opportunity to be enlisted amongst some of the few names, helping you reach out the targeted audience in an exceptional way.

5. Become an Industry Leader

Let’s face it, the number of companies that accept bitcoins is now on the rise, and ten years from now you will find each and every business entangled with the trend. Hence, if done right now, it’s you who becomes the leader.

6. Add to the Existing Value of the Business

Opting for such a coin that has been in the news from ever since its inception showcases your willingness towards change and how you strive to bring nothing but the best for your customers. Drop a quick mail about the vision that you have, stating how the business will move in future.

7. No Exposure to the Price Volatility

If you have been following bitcoin, then you will notice that the question of volatility has been wiped out from a long time. Even though it’s common to see the price move way beyond 30%+ in 24 hours, still this will not impact the business anyway, thanks to companies like Coin Base and Bit-Pay. What you get is instant payment, as the coins are converted into USD instantly at the same value, no matter how adverse the fluctuations might be.

8. Have a Successful Armor of Non-Profit Sector

Bitcoins have been widely used for crowdfunding by various non-profit organizations. If you own one, then accept them and take advantage of the awareness that they deliver.

9. Gain Optimum Media Coverage

When calculations are brought together, it’s only 1% of the entire world’s population that utilizes bitcoins. Though this may not sound like a good reason to accept them, but don’t overlook the fact that such a number even brings amazing media exposure too. Plus, as said the demographics of bitcoin have been improving and with the current numbers, one can easily foresee its vibrant future.

10. You Don’t Have To Be a Bitcoin Expert

Understand bitcoins can be difficult, but when you have our professional services by your side, then there is absolutely nothing that you need to worry about.

Just book your consultation today, and we will help you through the entire process- simplifying every step!

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